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Free Live Help 123 Account
  1. You can create ONE free account per company or organization. If you have multiple websites, you can use the same free account by placing the same Live Help 123 button on the different web sites.
  2. Once your account has been setup by Akeni, your email address will be used as your login name for the Live Help 123 system.
  3. Display name is your company representative's name shown to your website visitors. Usually it is the first name of the representative using this Live Help 123 account.
  4. Please provide the main web page on which you plan to place the Live Help 123 button. This must be a page on your company or organization's website, and not on one of the free web hosting sites such as geocity. You can place additional buttons on other pages, but the button and its link must be shown prominently on this page.

Please note that we only accept requests from a corporate email address. Email address from public systems such as Yahoo, Hotmail, GMail, and AOL do not qualify.

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