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Live Help 123 Features
Standard Business Corporate
Monthly price
per operator
$19.95** $29.95 $39.95 ** Standard edition is free for the first operator.
Real-time communication Visitors can interact with your representatives to ask pre-sales questions or ask for technical support, and receive replies immediately.
Native application Operators use a feature rich Windows application instead of a web based interface. Our application is not written in Java or .NET so it is easy to download and install.
Web based interface The web based operator interface is useful when people are travelling or away from their computer but still needs to be in touch with the customers.
Operator customization Most aspect of the application can be changed and tailored to suit the operator's work habits. For example, all the tool-bars are fully customizable to maximize productivity.
Web interface customization Company specific logos, colors, and style sheet can be used so that the visitor will see a look and feel that is tailored to the web site.
Visual & sound notification The program will play a sound, show animated icons, or flash the task bar, whenever important events occurred. These notifications are fully configurable.
Unobtrusive interface The program can be minimized to the system tray icon area when not in use. It will automatically pop up whenever a visitor opened up a support session.
Offline/away messages Visitors can leave messages to an operator if the operator is away, busy, or offline. The Operators will receive the notification messages as soon as they came back.
Tabbed sessions Operators can handle multiple support sessions using a very efficient tabbed interface. For those that prefer to have a new window opened for each support session they can deactivate this feature as well.
Multi-lingual The system is full Unicode enabled to support all languages. The applications interface has already been translated into many languages. You can setup the system so that visitor can choose the language they wish to use.
Typing Indicator & Smileys/Emoticons The typing indicator allows both the operator and the visitor to know that the other side is busy composing a reply.
URL Push URLs can be "pushed" to a visitor, which will then be opened in a new browser window. The operator can also instruct the browser to go to a new page using the same window, which can be used to give a tour of the web site to the visitor.
Quick Phrases Operators can prepare canned replies for commonly asked questions so that they do not have to type them out every time. These can be phrases or URL links that can be "pushed" into the other side.
Visitor IP blocking Operators can choose to ban visitors who are abusing the system.
Multiple departments Visitors can choose to talk to a specific department, such as Sales, Marketing, Technical Support etc.
Call transfer & conference calls Operators can invite other operators to join an existing support session. This allows operators to ask for help from other operators when they encountered cases that they can not handle alone. The operators can then handle the visitor together as a team (analogous to a conference call), or the case can be referred to the new operator (analogous to a call transfer)
Real-time web site traffic monitor Monitor and track visitors to your web site. You can see their IP address, the page they are currently on, where they came from, how many pages they have visited, the amount of time spent on your web site, and more, all in real time.
Operator to Operator Communication Operators can send instant messages, notifications, and alerts to each other. They can also see each other's real-time online and away status.
Forums Akeni's system administrator can setup forums(also known as chat rooms) for your sales or support teams. Forums can serve as meeting places where they can share ideas and ask for help in real time. The forum is permanent and can be used as a knowledge database for the team.
Operator Online/Away Indicator The system can be setup so that a different live help 123 button is displayed when the operator is away.
Supervisor/mentor mode A supervisor/mentor can participate in a support session in an manner that is invisible to the visitor (but the operator will see that the supervisor/mentor is there). This can be used by a supervisor to monitor the quality and efficiency of the support staff. It can also be used by a more experience operator to mentor a new staff by sending the new staff private instructions during live training.
Queue with automatic load distribution Each operator can be assigned a maximum work load. Visitors will be assigned to an operator who has the least load at the moment. This allows a support center to give operators different work loads depending on their experience and skill. When all operators are busy the visitors will be in a queue and later serviced when one of the operator becomes available.
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