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Live Support Server Status

The server can be reached at, port: 6001

The Live Support Server is run during our office hours so that we can provide support for our customers.

If you are one of our existing customers, then you should already have an account created for you. Please contact support@akeni.com to get your username and password. After you obtained your account you can then log into the server using an Akeni Expert Messenger client. if you do not wish to install the client, you can also use our web based client by clicking here

If you are currently evaluating one of our products, you can obtain technical support through our web based instant messaging support system by clicking on the button. This button is only shown on the side menu when one of our staff is online. We can also provide you with an account for the purposes of desmostrating the capability of our Expert Messenger and Web Messenger Products.

Please contact us through a live help session or by sending an email to sales@akeni.com to request an account or to arrange for a demo

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