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Akeni Jabber Client

If your company is running a Jabber server then Akeni Jabber Client is the ideal client for your users. With over 100,000 Jabber servers deployed worldwide, many businesses are taking advantage of this open and scalable instant messaging solution.

Akeni Jabber Client offers a simple and intitutive interface that resembles public IM clients such as MSN Messenger and AOL AIM. This reduces staff training time when your company switches from these public IM systems to host your own Jabber servers.

For organizations that need to enforce stringent policies on the usage of instant messaging, enterprise manageability, and server side message logging, please refer to our Expert Edition.

Features List

  • Feature Rich: XML-based messaging protocol, private chat, conference, broadcast messages to groups of people, message log, file transfer, typing indicator, full-featured rich-text editor, emoticons, powerful online presence management.
  • Familiar User Interface: If your users are familiar with public IM systems such as AOL Instant Messenger or MSN Messenger, then there is little to be re-learned.
  • Message Logging: All activities are logged to HTML files so that they can be browsed later using your favorite browser.
  • Customizable Exit Message: Create your own informative away and exit (offline) status messages.
  • Customization: Almost all aspect of the program can be changed and tailor to suit your work habits. For example, all the toolbars are fully customizable to maximize your productivity.

Advanced Features

  • Secured Defaults: Our program is designed from the ground up with security in mind. There are no "unsafe" ways to run the program. Only people on the contact list can send/receive messages from you.
  • Tabbed Window: For users that have many simultaneous conversations and don't want dozens of chat windows open. Akeni provides an option to place all the chat and conference sessions into one tabbed window.
  • Extensive Drag & Drop Support: Most operations are available via drag and drop. Drag a file from your desktop and drop it on top of the recipient's name to start a file transfer. Drag the names of co-workers and drop them in a conference window to invite them to a conference, etc.
  • Cross Platform: Available for both Microsoft Windows and Linux, with identical user interface. This reduces user training time and frustration when migrating from one platform to another in the future. It also makes this client a good Jabber solution for heterogeneous computer environments.