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Akeni Secure Messaging Server: Expert Edition

The Expert Edition is an advanced version of the Pro Edition. It includes all the enterprise messaging features offered by the Pro version, such as encryption and authentification. It also offers enterprise manageability through the use of shared public groups and role based user access rights. All messages can be logged into flat files and databases to allow for searching and auditing.

Shared public folders allows the administrator to easily manage user acounts from one central location. By adding/removing users from the shared public folder the administrator can change everyone's contast list in one single operation.

The role based access right system let the administrators control whether users are allowed to send files, initiate chats and conferences, and to "lock down" users' contact lists.

All messages are optionally archived on the server into both flat files and databases (the system supports the embeded SqlLite database, MySQL, and any database with an ODBC driver). The databases can then be accessed using SQL. The archived messages can also be viewed using Akeni Expert Audit Tool. The Messages can be archived to two databases running on different servers for redundancy and fault tolerance.

The Expert edition can be used on a private network without connecting to the Internet. It can easily be setup for use inside and outside the company firewall, and also works across corporate VPN.

Features List

  • No Network Setup: The system uses IP multicasting so that the client can find the server automatically. This means that one can move the server to a different machine without having to reconfigure the clients.
  • Firewall Friendly: All communication, including file transfers, is done through the server, so it works every time, even across personal firewalls.
  • Encryption: All communication, including file transfer, is done through an 128-bit encrypted channel to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data.
  • Authentification: Access to the system are done using a zero-knowledge protocol that authentificates both the server and the client.
  • No Internet Connection Required: Unlike public IM systems, the program only requires a LAN (Local Area Network) to function. You can continue communicating with your co-worker even if your company's Internet connection is interrupted. Access to the system by external users is still possible through corporate VPN, or by configuring the server firewall to accept external connections.
  • Increased Productivity: By design, the system does not allow users to talk to people outside of the system. This will decrease the amount of time people spend talking to outsiders on non-work related issues using public IM systems.
  • Feature Rich: Real-time chat, private text conferencing sessions, online presence management, file transfer, emergency alerts/notifications, message logs, powerful rich-text editor, typing indicator.
  • Familiar User Interface: If you are familiar with public IM systems like AOL Instant Messenger or MSN Messenger, then you will be using our products like a pro in no time.
  • Contact List Query: Users can query for people to add to their contact list by searching for their real names.
  • Customization: Almost all aspect of the program can be changed and tailor to suit your work habits. For example, all the toolbars are fully customizable to maximize your productivity.
  • Customizable Exit Message: Create your own informative away and exit (offline) status messages.

Advanced Features

  • Message Auditing: All messages can be logged by the server for auditing purposes.
  • Shared public group/folder: Manage user contact lists easily by adding/removing users from shared public groups.
  • User Creation Templates: The administrator can create new user by using an existing user as a template to setup the correct contacts/groups and access level for the new user.
  • User Trust Level: The adminstrator can create "untrusted" accounts that can be contacted but can not contact another untrusted user. For example, this can be used to setup student accounts so that teachers can talk to students and students to teachers, but students can not chat with each other.
  • Locked Down Accounts An account can be locked down so that users can not change their contact list. The contact list can only be modified by the administrator. This allows the administrator to control who the users are allowed to contact.
  • Disable File Transfer: The administrator can disable file transfer globally for the system or on a per user basis.
  • Tabbed Window: For users that have many simultaneous conversations and don't want dozens of chat windows open. Akeni provides an option to place all the chat and conference sessions into one tabbed window.
  • Simple Yet Powerful File Transfer: The simplest way to transfer files between two computers (even between Linux and Windows). Simply select the person you want to send the file to and choose "Send File". No need to setup FTP servers, figuring out ports, etc. The program supports the sending of arbitrary large files, resume of interrupted transfers, automatic transfer of multiple files, etc.
  • Extensive Drag & Drop Support: Most operations are available via drag and drop. Drag a file from your desktop and drop it on top of the recipient's name to start a file transfer. Drag the names of co-workers and drop them in a conference window to invite them to a conference, etc.
  • Cross Platform: Both the server and the client software are available for Microsoft Windows and Linux. All version of the software inter-operates seamlessly, making the Pro Edition a good solution for heterogeneous computer environments.