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Akeni Space: Social Networking and Collaboration Software


List of Modules

Our web based application has the following major functionalities:

  • Dashboard: Summary of the status of the inbox, tasks, and chat sessions.
  • User Profile: Description of a user's roles, experiences, current projects, and contact information.
  • Inbox: Send and receive notifications, subscriptions, status updates, etc.
  • Tasks: Create, assign and accept personal and group tasks.
  • Status: Current status and whereabouts of the users.
  • Blog: Publish information that can be shared with the whole organization.
  • Chat: one to one instant messaging.
  • In/Out Board: status, whereabouts and contact information for a group of people.
  • Forum: Post questions and answers that is to be shared only with a particular group of users.
  • Channel: Instant messaging for a group of users
  • Documents: Shared documents that can be read and edited by a group of users.
  • Files: Upload and share files with another user, a whole group, or the whole organization.
  • Bookmarks: Share bookmarks with the whole organization.